Social Media Management

We use social media to build your brand and grow your income, and also attract the best candidates to work with your company.  Thanks to our deep understanding of the spa industry we know exactly what potential customers look for when searching for the best company to hire. We utilize your social media to post relevant and engaging content which builds trust and authority and makes your company more attractive in the eyes of consumers.

What we post:

Locally completed recent jobs

Photos from on-the-job builds immense trust in the eyes of consumers.

Company news

Give your customers an inside look into your company by posting company and employee news.

Industry news

Demonstrate that you are an industry leader by posting about new technologies and techniques.

Company blog posts

We publish all website blog posts on all social media profiles for maximum exposure.
Give value to the community while building trust and authority in your local service area.

Holiday greetings

Project a friendly and approachable company persona with heartfelt holiday greetings.

Where we post:

Google My Business

Regular posting from your GMB has been shown to improve your SEO rankings. We focus on posting hyper local content to give you maximum relevance in the areas that you service.


The biggest social network in the world has the widest audience reach. Few platforms can compare to the reach, user base, versatility, and targeting capabilities of Facebook.


With only 280 characters per post, each one needs to be concise, purposeful, and effective. Engage with your customers on a real-time basis and reach a bigger audience.


With this image and video sharing platform we can reach new audiences with appealing and visually rich content.


Having an active LinkedIn profile is highly attractive to potential employees, and also builds trust and confidence in your company from potential customers.

Additional Services

Community management

Customers love to see that the company is socially active and responds to user feedback. We will reply to all user comments for you, either resolving their issue or directing them to the right area in your company for further customer service.

Paid Social

We will promote your brand and services with highly targeted social media ads in the areas that you service. We will make your company into a local authority on spa, and at the same time grow your social following to give you more organic reach.